Friday, July 11, 2008

Curly Girl


thanks for taking time to write. Marriage is good no doubt about that. But not in a poor country like India. I've decided to do something for our people and I think I can do it more better by not getting hurried in to marriage. Now I'm living in a relax way and trying to do for others whatever I can. But once you are married you need to struggle to keep your wife and children in a good state. But then getting married doesn't necessarily mean you need to have children. Though I want to have a wife or a girl friend, but may be situation is not right for that. Let me see whats coming in days. So how was your day. What you like most in life and why.

have fun.

On Sat, 5 Jul 2008 8:49:20 +1200, curlygirl wrote:


> well, your friends are talented. I was interested to look at the

> pictures. Too bad you've never married. Your niece would probably enjoy

> a cousin to play with. I'm speaking from experience here. I've been

> married for almost 12 years and have three kids, and 18 nieces/nephews.

> All of the cousins enjoy playing and hanging out with each other. Hope

> you have a splendid day.




> On Fri, 4 Jul 2008 21:29:17 +1200, free333 wrote:


>> thanks for watching my pics. Actually I just wanted to publish the pic

> of

>> Swami Vivekananda, and this forum is any way about him. And thanks for

>> appreciating my pics. The sand sculpture is not made by me but some guys

>> here in Puri, Orissa, India, do make and some are famous for this. If

> you

>> can Google a little bit you can find. And the baby is my niece, and she

> is

>> indeed cute. I'm never married. Hope to know a lot more about you.



I’m happy indeed to read your letter. This is what friends do; they brings happiness to the soul. And I’m feeling great that someone, especially a woman is interested to know something about me. Perhaps its happening after a long time. Please don’t mind for such words of mine. I’m quite free with friend and I loves to express everything with an honest friend. I do not think there is any woman coming to my life in near future. Though I keep sending friend request in Perfspot or Myspace , and such social network sites , hoping I could get a woman, doesn’t matter whether she is 10 years older to me or whatever. And we could live together either in India or anywhere else. But any way dream is a dream. And if wishes were horses beggars could ride it. In India there is a possibility to have such a woman but its quite rare. Or may be I’m not making a lot of effort.

Ya if you will pass a lot of time in the heat make sure that you take liquid in regular intervals. Loss of liquid is also the cause of reduction in concentration and also the cause of dehydration.

And yes praying always brings angels within us. I’ve never seen a person who is bad and at the same time prays. In this world the person who prays to god are most honest ones. They does good to the world. Keep doing what you have been doing. Keep your self near to the Christ; it will keep worldliness away from you. Because with worldliness comes selfishness, and all sort of devils. You will find that most marriages are successful if both are belivers. Because marriages break because of selfishness. I also used to go to church and every time I comes out of it I could feel that I’m a better person.

You can find my blog on Bible here:

Feel free to write all your spiritual experience. And I’ll never get bored.

Whats your sons name and how old is he? By the way in which name shall I call you. You can call me ‘Raja’.

Have good times.